Practical Manual on Fundamental Rights Enforcement Procedure in Nigeria

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The importance of Fundamental Rights to the citizenry cannot be over-emphasized. They are rights that are not only basic to humans, they form the bedrock for a free society devoid of forces of unbridled aggression, oppression, authoritarianism. They have been entrenched in Chapter IV of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) due to their sacrosanct nature and importance. When applications approach the Courts for the enforcement of these rights, the Court must within reasonable limits do all that is necessary to ensure that these rights are protected. Per OGUNWUMIJU, JCA OKAFOR & ORS V. NTOKA & ORS (2017) LPELR – 42794 (CA).


It is the recognition of this that this book sets out to in the main, provide a quick reference and practice manual on fundamental rights enforcement procedure in Nigeria.

The first section dealt with the origin and evolution of human rights while the second section provides a quick reference on fundamental rights enforcement procedure and the third section outlined in brief some notable case laws on fundamental rights and annexed as section four are applicable laws and instruments on fundamental rights enforcement in Nigeria.

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